A facility photo of Leuze USA, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly. New Leuze USA Facility in Duluth, Georgia. Photo courtesy of Leuze.

Leuze Announces New U.S. Headquarters

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Sensor technology industry experts Leuze has announced its strategic move to Duluth, Georgia, which will also serve as its new location in the USA. The company’s decision to relocate was based on careful consideration of how to support its long-term strategic growth targets. The new location offers a modern and spacious environment for Leuze’s U.S. operations, allowing sales, production, and development to be based under one roof.

A facility photo of Leuze USA, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.
New Leuze USA Facility in Duluth, Georgia. 

According to company sources, Leuze plans to relocate its Sales, Operations, and Development departments, all of which are currently based in New Hudson, Michigan, to Georgia by the end of 2023, with US production following soon thereafter in early 2024.

The new location is anticipated to provide a more favorable environment for the company’s cooperation with customers, distributors, and partners. It will allow Leuze to supply its US customers with products faster and more efficiently.

Leuze provides many high-tech automation products, including identification systems, switching and measuring sensors, data transmission, image processing solutions, and safety components, services, and solutions. The company’s on-site training center offers employees, customers, and distributors many opportunities for further advanced skills development, strengthening Leuze’s reputation as a technology leader in industrial automation.

The new Leuze U.S. headquarters address is 2150 Northmont Parkway, Suite N, Duluth, GA. The company’s move to the new location is expected to further consolidate its cooperation with customers and distributors, allowing for further growth and expansion in industrial automation. With 60 years of experience and specific application know-how in core industries such as intralogistics and packaging, machine tools, automotive, and laboratory automation, Leuze is well-positioned to continue its technology evolution well into the future.

For more information about Leuze USA and its product technologies, please visit https://www.leuze.com/en-uk/products.

Source: Leuze

About Leuze:
Leuze is an international sensor expert in automation technology, and with focuses on components, services and solutions emphasizing workplace safety.. The company’s product lines include switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission and image processing solutions. Typical applications supported by Leuze products include intralogistics, packaging, machine tools, automotive, and laboratory automation.