Kyocera AVX new 9159-600 Series dual-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors, photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly. Kyocera AVX new 9159-600 Series dual-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors.

KYOCERA AVX Intros Dual-Row Inverted Card-Edge Connectors

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KYOCERA AVX, a leading global manufacturer of advanced electronic components, has expanded its single-piece card-edge connector product line by introducing the new 9159-600 Series. This family of dual-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors addresses the demand for a single-piece inverted through-board solution for dual-sided PCBs.

Developed as an expansion of the company’s industry best-selling 9159-500 Series of single-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors, the new 9159-600 Series satisfies a further customer demand for a single-piece inverted through-board solution for dual-sided PCBs.

Kyocera AVX new 9159-600 Series dual-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors.
New Kyocera AVX 9159-600 Series dual-row, inverted through-board card-edge connectors for dual-sided PCBs.

A notable feature of these new connectors is their staggered contact design, which effectively doubles the number of available positions (4–12 vs. 2–6) within a dimensionally similar footprint to existing models. This design enhancement allows the new 9159-900 series to offer space and cost savings while ensuring high-reliability performance.

The robust design of the 9159-600 Series includes a gold-over-nickel-plated beryllium copper (BeCu) contact system known for its exceptional strength. With a remarkable 2.5A per contact current rating, these connectors provide reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Their low-profile through-board design, standing at just 2.85 mm above the board, accommodates applications with stringent height constraints on the PCB mating side, preserving LED operation and performance integrity. Furthermore, the unique staggered contact configuration helps prevent shorting and contact damage during PCB insertion and removal, ensuring sustained durability. The connectors are also compliant with UL1977 safety standards.

Designed for use with 1.6mm-thick mating PCBs with gold-plated pads, the 9159-600 Series connectors are rated for 2.5A per contact, 300VAC, and ten mating cycles. They are designed to reliably operate over a standard temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. Featuring white, glass-filled, high-temperature, UL94 V-0 Nylon insulators, these connectors are available with 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 contacts, gold nose plating, and lead-free matte tin tail plating.

Noted Product Marketing Manager at KYOCERA AVX, “We developed the new 9159-600 Series inverted through-board card-edge connectors to meet new customer demand for a single-piece through-board solution for dual-sided PCBs and persistent customer demand for compact, robust, reliable, and cost-effective card-edge connectors with more contacts, which we achieved by leveraging our proven beryllium copper compression contact system and a staggered contact design that delivers double the number of contacts in roughly the same form factor as the existing 9159-500 Series single-row connectors. KYOCERA AVX has been producing compression contact technology proven to deliver high-reliability, high-signal-integrity performance in harsh-environment applications for more than 25 years, and we’re proud to offer one of the broadest standard lines of horizontal and vertical card-edge connectors available in the industry, as well as to continue innovating to fill gaps in the market and make our customers’ lives easier.”

The KYOCERA AVX 9159-600 Series caters to applications requiring perpendicular PCB mating, commonly found in industries such as automotive, transportation, and LED lighting, as well as in medical diagnostic devices, test equipment, and various industrial applications.

Stock quantities of 9159-600 Series connectors are currently available for immediate customer order through KYOCERA’s authorized global distribution partners DigiKey, Mouser, and Farnell. They are packaged on tape and reel in 700-piece batch lots.

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