Photo of the Littelfuse 59177 Series ultra-miniature overmolded reed switch, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly New Littelfuse 59177 Series ultra-miniature overmolded reed switches.

Littelfuse Introduces Ultra-Miniature Magnetic Reed Switches

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The Chicago, Illinois-headquartered Littelfuse, Inc.a global leader in circuit protection, electronic switches, and automotive sensors, has unveiled its new 59177 Series, a family of ultra-miniature over-molded magnetic reed switches designed for applications where space is at a premium.

The 59177 Series reed switches measure a mere 9.0 mm x 2.5 mm x 2.4 mm (0.354” x 0.098” x 0.094”), making them the smallest over-molded reed switches available from Littelfuse. Despite their compact size, these switches can handle up to 170 Vdc or 0.25 A at up to 10 W, ensuring robust performance in demanding applications.

Photo of the Littelfuse 59177 Series ultra-miniature overmolded reed switch, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.
Littelfuse 59177 Series ultra-miniature over-molded reed switches.

In addition, the ultra-miniature footprint of the 59177 Series offers numerous design, manufacturing, and end-user advantages. The low-profile design facilitates easy integration into space-constrained environments, and the SMD package enables standard assembly mounting using pick-and-place machines.

The low power consumption of the 59177 Series makes them ideal for energy-saving applications and enhances the efficiency of battery-powered devices. The over-molded design offers increased mechanical shock and vibration resistance, making these switches suitable for challenging environments.  Additionally, these switches perform reliably in wet and harsh conditions without performance degradation over their service life and exhibit no leakage current in the ‘open’ state, making them ideal for battery-powered IoT applications.

The 59177 Series is well-suited for various applications, including security and access control systems, metering applications, battery-powered consumer electronics and wearables, factory automation, process equipment, and proximity and limit sensing.

Julius Venckus, Global Product Manager at Littelfuse, commented on the product launch, “The 59177 is our smallest over-molded reed switch with J-type feet (lead) design. Its enhanced mechanical shock and vibration capability allows designers more flexibility for mechanically challenged applications, saving valuable space on the printed circuit board.”

The 59177 Reed Switch Series is available in tape and reel quantities starting at 1500 pieces. Detailed product specifications, samples, and pricing information are available through authorized Littelfuse distributors worldwide.

Source: Littelfuse

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