Photo of the new Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.

Keysight Benchmarking Solution for AI Infrastructure Launch

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Keysight Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: KEYS) has ventured into the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) infrastructure sphere by unveiling the Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform.

Photo of the new Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly
New Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform Expedites AI/ML Network Validation

This platform has been meticulously engineered to help expedite AI/ML network validation and optimization innovation by revolutionizing AI infrastructure benchmarking, resulting in unparalleled scale and efficiency.

AI deployment across many industries is rapidly expanding. This growth creates new urgency for the swift and efficient development, training, and delivery of new AI models. AI/ML workloads typically handle extensive data volumes, necessitating high networking bandwidth and computing performance to minimize training durations. As such, the expenses associated with designing and validating large-scale “what-if” scenario assessments are often prohibitive, even for the largest and most experienced AI operators.

To address this obstacle and expedite the design and testing of AI/ML infrastructure, the Keysight AI Data Center Test Platform has been developed. The platform offers highly customizable AI workload emulation, pre-configured benchmarking applications, and dataset analysis tools. These combined features notably enhance the performance of the AI/ML cluster network fabric.

Keysight’s solution for data centers, with its comprehensive suite of available features, is engineered to expedite AI/ML network design. It allows for emulating high-scale AI workloads with measurable fidelity, providing deep insights into collective communication performance.

The solution also simplifies AI benchmarking by offering pre-packaged benchmarking applications developed through partnerships with leading AI operators and infrastructure vendors.  These pre-packaged applications help to expedite the AI network fabric validation process.

Additionally, the solution executes defined AI/ML behavioral models, fostering greater collaboration among and between end-users and customers when helping reproduce experiments. Users can also choose among multiple test engines when performing AI workload emulation. Options include using Keysight hardware load appliances and software endpoints or using real AI accelerators to compare benchmarking results.

The Keysight platform facilitates large-scale validation and experimentation with fabric design realistically and cost-effectively. This solution complements GPU-based AI/ML workloads testing, offering AI operators a more scalable, robust, and integrated AI test platform.

Noted Ram Periakaruppan, Vice President and General Manager of Network Test & Security Solutions at Keysight, “As a leader in testing ultra-high-speed 800G Ethernet networks, Keysight continues to lead the way in innovation, having formed close partnerships with hyperscalers to co-design this groundbreaking new AI test platform that realistically benchmarks and emulates high-scale AI workloads unlike other test tools available today.”

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