New Kollmorgen Servo Drive Offers Synchronized Communication Protocols

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Kollmorgen, global experts in the design, development, and manufacture of motion control systems, has announced significant updates to its AKD2G servo drives. These include newly expanded versatility with the introduction of new synchronized communication protocols.

Kollmorgen has recently announced significant updates to its AKD2G servo drives, including new synchronized communication protocols.

The latest AKD2G servo drive update supports PROFINET IRT and Ethernet/IP with CIP Sync, complementing existing protocols such as CANopen®, EtherCAT®, and FSoE. Each protocol undergoes rigorous testing with various motion controllers and is certified by industry standards organizations. These enhancements enable synchronized motion across multiple drives, accommodating a wide range of control architectures. The AKD2G servo drive’s flexibility and high performance make it ideal for applications requiring precise coordination across multiple motion axes.

The drive features industry-leading power density in a compact design and is easy to mount. It offers one- and two-axis variants. Engineers can utilize single-cable Smart Feedback Device (SFD) or HIPERFACE® DSL connections or select from a variety of other feedback devices.  Additionally, the drive offers optional SafeMotion® Monitor (SMM) firmware with SIL3/PLe safety certification, which meets functional safety requirements and supports a broader range of motion control-related applications.

James Davison, Senior VP/GM at Kollmorgen, commented, “The AKD2G servo drive is an ideal choice for automation designers and OEMs seeking to optimize their designs. It delivers increased performance, a smaller footprint, and greater design flexibility, making automation engineering easier, more efficient, and more powerful.”

When paired with AKM2G motors, the AKD2G servo drive is part of the 2G Motion System, a suite of motion products designed to work seamlessly together for enhanced setup ease and performance.  Engineers can benefit from the drive’s compatibility with a broader range of controllers and feedback devices, allowing for versatility in motor selection as needed.

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Source: Kollmorgen

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