Photo of the new Festo ELGD electric actuators for linear applications, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly

Festo Introduces Next-Gen Electric Linear Actuators

Electromechanical Industrial Automation

Festo introduces the ELGD Series, its next-gen electric actuators for linear applications. These actuators enhance axis performance and compactness while supporting high loads. Featuring exceptional load-bearing capacity and torsional rigidity, they ensure extended service life and reliability across various industrial environments.

Photo of the new Festo ELGD electric actuators for linear applications, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly
New Festo ELGD Series electric actuators for linear applications. Photo courtesy of Festo.

The series comprises tooth belt (ELGD-TB) and ball screw (ELGD-BS) electrical actuators, both of which have been engineered for elevated load capacity and reliability standards. Integrated design, testing, and manufacturing processes ensure stringent quality control measures throughout the supply chain.

Notably, the series features a compact footprint without sacrificing performance, thanks to Festo’s advanced bearing design. Features such as configurable stroke lengths and a stainless-steel cover strip reduce particle emissions in cleanroom environments. Innovations like pneumatic connections for sealing air or vacuum and magnetic deflection of the cover strip enhance performance and reliability.

Tailored for applications with demanding cycle times, precision, and repeatability, ELGD actuators offer particular advantages when specified for cantilever systems, and pick-and-place solutions for small parts handling, where short cycle times, high precision, and repeatability are essential. They are also particularly well suited for use in handling systems for top loaders, given their high travel speed and long stroke lengths. In addition, automation tasks like 3D printing, additive manufacturing, dosing, and gluing are enhanced by the ELGD’s dynamic, virtually vibration-free movement,

The ELGD is also compatible with third-party motors and may be seamlessly integrated with Festo’s online motion sizing tool for ease of customization.  For more information, please click here.

Source: Festo

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