KoiReader Technologies Partnering with Kinetic Vision photo appearing in an issue of Industrial Automation Monthly.

KoiReader Technologies Partnering with Kinetic Vision

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

KoiReader Technologies, a global leader in vision and generative AI-powered logistics, supply chain, and industrial automation solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Kinetic Vision, a leading product and technology development firm.

KoiReader Technologies Partnering with Kinetic Vision photo appearing in an issue of Industrial Automation Monthly.The companies are joining forces to develop cutting-edge solutions that seamlessly integrate simulation, visualization, and automation into a unified platform for Enterprise Customers. This integrated approach will revolutionize accuracy, efficiency, profitability, performance, safety, and collaboration within enterprise operations across different industries. The goal is to create a Generative AI-powered Physical and Process Digital Twin Network, setting new standards for enterprise optimization and innovation.

The partnership combines KoiReader’s KoiVision® platform capabilities with Kinetic Vision’s expertise in NVIDIA Omniverse application development, OpenUSD asset integration, and real-time physics, rendering, and simulation. This collaboration introduces a new class of intelligent video solutions enabled by the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for AI development and deployment. Integrating KoiReader’s vision capabilities into Kinetic Vision’s digital twin technology allows enterprises to virtually deploy AI-powered systems during process development and gain real-time visibility into their operational processes.

Noted Ashutosh Prasad, Founder and CEO of KoiReader Technologies, “A Digital Twin is not a nice-to-have, but the backbone of digital operations to unlock unprecedented value. We are thrilled to partner with Kinetic Vision to bring our advanced Logistics, Supply Chain, and Industrial Automation solutions to businesses worldwide. The combination of KoiVision® platform offerings with Kinetic Vision’s expertise in visual simulation will enable us to provide unparalleled value to our customers by optimizing their operations, reducing costs, and increasing productivity.”

Kinetic Vision has established field-proven expertise in providing innovative solutions to its customers within a number of markets, including transportation, consumer packaged goods, and medical technology. The firm’s expertise in design, engineering, visual real-time simulation, and software development will complement KoiReader’s visual cognitive engine-powered KoiVision® platform, enabling the partnership to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients. Kinetic Vision is also an Elite Service Delivery Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network and utilizes the NVIDIA Omniverse platform as the development platform of its industrial digital twins.

Noted Rick Schweet, Founder and Board Chairperson of Kinetic Vision, “We’re very excited about our partnership with KoiReader Technologies. Our industrial digital twin solutions will empower companies to virtually implement KoiReader’s Vision and Generative AI systems throughout their facility, and test and optimize their use. You can even predict your capital payback period and potential ROI. It’s a digital test drive of your new AI-powered facility, and as your intelligent systems come online, you can connect their edge data into the digital twin.”

For more information, visit kinetic-vision.com or www.koireader.com.

Sources: KoiReader Technologies and Kinetic Vision

About KoiReader Technologies
Founded in 2019, KoiReader Technologies is a global leader in vision and generative AI-powered logistics, supply chain, and industrial automation solutions, known for its KoiVision® platform and AI operating model. Through its proprietary visual cognitive engine, it provides real-time operational intelligence to logistics, supply chain, and industrial clients. Endorsements from companies like PepsiCo highlight the KoiVision® platform’s effectiveness in warehouse, yard, and manufacturing intelligence.

About Kinetic Vision
Kinetic Vision is a premier product and technology development firm servicing over 50 of the US Fortune 500 companies. For more than 30 years, clients have leveraged Kinetic Vision’s multidisciplinary teams to solve challenges in all areas of the product life cycle, including development, production, quality control, logistics, and fulfillment.


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