ABB Robotics Announces New Global AI Startup Challenge, a supporting photo appearing on Industrial Automation Monthly

ABB Robotics Announces New Global AI Startup Challenge

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ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation has announced its 2024 Robotics AI Startup Challenge, a new global competition to accelerate AI development in robotics while fostering international innovation and further collaboration with startups and scale-ups.

ABB Robotics Announces New Global AI Startup Challenge, a supporting photo appearing on Industrial Automation Monthly
The ABB 2024 Robotics AI Startup Challenge aims to accelerate AI development in robotics while fostering global innovation and collaborations with startups and scale-ups.

As a key part of ABB’s innovation ecosystem, this challenge follows the company’s June 2024 acquisition of Sevensense, a Swiss startup specializing in AI-enabled 3D vision navigation technology for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

“Innovation has been at the heart of ABB since the foundation of our robotics business 50 years ago, and we recognize the immense potential of startups and scaleups in driving technological advancement,” said Marc Segura, President of ABB Robotics. “The ABB Robotics AI Startup Challenge is an opportunity for us to partner with the most creative and forward-thinking minds in the field, as we work together to shape the future of robotics and automation.”

Per the company’s website, ideal candidates for the ABB Robotics AI Startup Challenge are top-tier startups and scaleups specializing in innovative cutting-edge AI technologies and solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with existing robotic systems for enhanced ease of use, flexibility, and efficiency across various industries.  The strategic focus of challenge participants must be practical, real-life industrial applications that demonstrate the potential of AI in robotics.

Collaborating with the Brightest Minds in AI and Robotics

The ABB Robotics AI Startup Challenge invites participants to submit ideas and solutions in the areas of natural language programming, skill learning, and autonomous decision-making. By further harnessing the power of AI, ABB aims to develop next-generation robots that are more intuitive, adaptable, easy to use, and efficient, and with the overall goal of transforming industries to make companies more resilient and work more rewarding for employees.

Participants in the challenge will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with ABB’s world-class engineers, access cutting-edge robotic technologies, and tap into the company’s global network of customers and partners. The winning team will be awarded a cash prize of $30,000 and the chance to establish a long-term partnership with ABB, exploring joint go-to-market strategies and investment opportunities.

The ABB Robotics AI Startup Challenge is now open for applications. Startups and scaleups with expertise in AI and robotics are encouraged to submit their proposals by June 12, 2024. For more information about the challenge, including eligibility criteria and how to apply, please click here.

Part of ABB’s Wider Innovation Ecosystem

The Robotics AI Startup Challenge is part of ABB’s broader Innovation Ecosystem, driven by collaboration and the transformative potential of emerging technologies. Through initiatives designed to identify, support, and scale-up promising startups across all industries, ABB partners with pioneering businesses to accelerate innovation and bring new solutions to market, in keeping with the company’s mission to create a more sustainable and productive future.

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