Gear Metrology System Delivers ‘nano’ Sub-Micron Inspection of Smaller Gears, photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.

Gleason Intros 175GMS nano Gear Metrology System

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Gleason has expanded its nano series by introducing its 175GMS nano Gear Metrology System, which delivers sub-micron-level inspection capabilities to smaller gears. Building on the success of the 300GMS nano platform, the 175GMS nano ensures minimal noise, greater precision, and longer gear life.

The 175GMS nano is designed to comprehensively inspect gears up to 175 mm in diameter and shaft-type gears up to 480 mm long, with a maximum measurable tooth width of 340 mm. It accommodates a module range of 0.4 mm to 6.35 mm, optionally extending to 0.15 mm. The system significantly expands the measuring range in the lower module range. It enhances shaft length and tooth width capacity, inheriting the advanced nano capabilities first introduced with the 300GMS nano.

Gear Metrology System Delivers ‘nano’ Sub-Micron Inspection of Smaller Gears, photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.
New Gleason I175GMS nano Gear Metrology System, Offering Sub-Micron Inspection of Smaller Gears.

Equipped with an integrated probe changer, the 175GMS nano deploys a skidless probe for sub-micrometer precision in assessing the surface quality of gear teeth in profile and lead. The skidless probe can be configured with automatic angle settings to adapt to different helix angles. The system also features a high-precision SP25 3D scanning probe head, a variety of styli, and advanced mathematical analysis supporting roughness evaluations to DIN, ISO, and ANSI standards. The latest GAMA™ software platform performs gear noise analysis with the Advanced Waviness Analysis tool and offers 3D measurement and GD&T analysis comparable to that of a CMM.

Seamlessly integrating into any manufacturing ecosystem, the 175GMS nano utilizes Gleason’s GAMATM 3.2 software suite, which features a user-friendly interface supporting multiple languages. Fully compatible with Windows, it integrates effortlessly into server environments, facilitating enhanced SPC data evaluation and remote maintenance services via Gleason Connect®.

Through Gleason’s “Closed Loop” feature, the 175GMS nano communicates inspection results directly to Gleason production machines, enabling automatic correction of machine settings. This connectivity, from Power Skiving to threaded wheel gear grinding, opens new possibilities for quality production. Inspection results, such as topography measurements and order spectrum from Advanced Waviness Analysis software, can be forwarded to KISSsoft® Design Software. In KISSsoft, designers can compare original designs with actual produced gears and evaluate variables such as contact patterns under various load conditions, predicting noise behavior before final testing.

The 175GMS nano optionally includes the patented Advanced Operator Pendant (AOP), allowing operators to record video and voice messages, monitor environmental conditions, support remote maintenance via video telephony, and read bar and QR codes directly into the machine for use in inspection protocols.

With the increasing precision demands in gear industries, the 175GMS nano Gear Metrology System represents a significant advancement in nano-level inspection capabilities. The 175GMS nano will be showcased live at IMTS and AMB shows in September 2024.  For more information, please click here.

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