A Hexagon CMM machine, Flexxbotics, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly

Flexxbotics Robot Machine Tending Now Compatible with Hexagon

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Flexxbotics, Boston, Massachusetts-based experts in work cell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, have announced that their advanced connectivity for robotic machine tending with in-line inspection is now directly compatible with Hexagon’s full range of inspection equipment.

A Hexagon CMM machine, Flexxbotics, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly
Flexxbotics has announced its advanced robotic machine tending in-line inspection connectivity compatible with the full line-up of Hexagon inspection equipment. A Hexagon CMM machine photo courtesy of Hexagon.

By combining Flexxbotics’ solutions with Hexagon’s technology, companies can now achieve precision manufacturing quality with Six Sigma consistency, faster cycle times, higher yields, and greater throughput on complex parts, thereby increasing profit per part.

Central to this innovation is Flexxbotics’ own FlexxCORE technology. FlexCORE facilitates secure communication between robots and Hexagon machines, allowing robots to receive closed-loop feedback from automated inspections. This feedback allows for real-time adjustments to be made to CNC machine programs for autonomous process control. With in-line inspection, Flexxbotics technology allows fleets of robots within the smart factory environment to achieve continuous, unattended operations.

“In-line inspection technologies are essential for achieving autonomy in the smart factory, providing the closed-loop coordination necessary for autonomous process control,” said Tyler Modelski, CTO & Co-founder of Flexxbotics. “Our focus has been on making inspection equipment interoperable with CNC machines and the production robots that drive robot-driven manufacturing.”

Hexagon is a global provider of precision measurement and inspection solutions for various industries. Their product portfolio includes Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), laser scanners, tool setters, probing systems, and production probe systems. These technologies enable accurate measurements, quality control, and process optimization in manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors. Hexagon also offers software solutions like PC-DMIS for CMMs and Q-DAS for Statistical Process Control (SPC) to enhance data analysis and decision-making capabilities.

Flexxbotics’ robotic workcell digitalization forms the foundation of the Smart Factory, facilitating scalable, robot-driven manufacturing with autonomous process control for continuous and uninterrupted operations. The company’s SaaS/hybrid architecture supports both online and offline operations, ensuring production continuity irrespective of internet connectivity. Flexxbotics seamlessly integrates with various business systems like CAD/CAM, DNC, SCADA/HMI, IIoT, MES, ERP, PLM, and others for holistic process integration. Moreover, Flexxbotics offers comprehensive bi-directional communication, transformation, and routing capabilities for connected inspection tools, robots, and machinery. This includes tasks like loading programs, sending instructions, updating parameters, and maintaining status awareness, empowering robots to operate Hexagon equipment alongside CNC machines and other assets in the smart factory environment.

“Inspection equipment serves as the ‘eyes and ears’ of robots in lights-out manufacturing,” said Tyler Bouchard, CEO & Co-founder of Flexxbotics. “By integrating Hexagon’s inspection capabilities with Flexxbotics’ production robotics, global companies can achieve next-generation manufacturing at an unprecedented scale.”

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Source/Photo Credit: Flexxbotics

About Flexxbotics
Flexxbotics’ robotic workcell digitalization is the backbone of the Smart Factory, providing autonomous process control for next-generation machining environments. The company’s SaaS/hybrid solutions enable scalable, robot-driven manufacturing. Central to this innovation is FlexxCORE™ technology, which seamlessly integrates and coordinates robots with existing automation equipment, IT systems, and human operators. With enhanced power, flexibility, and openness, Flexxbotics revolutionizes the application of robotics in complex production settings. FlexxCore is a trademark of Flexxbotics.