L-com Debuts New Arduino PLCs and Power Supplies, photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly

L-com Debuts New Arduino PLCs and Power Supplies

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L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand and a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has introduced a new range of open-source Arduino PLCs and power supplies.

Arduino PLCs utilize free, open-source Arduino software for programming, unlike traditional PLCs that typically rely on proprietary software that requires licensing. This open-source approach is disrupting the industry, offering cost-effective solutions for automation controls.

L-com Debuts New Arduino PLCs and Power Supplies, photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly
L-com’s new Arduino-based PLCs and power supplies offer up to 58 analog and digital inputs and outputs—photo Courtesy of L-com.

Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) interface with input devices like sensors and switches to gather system data and connect to output devices such as motors and valves to control processes. By executing programmed logic to manage input data and generate output signals, PLCs facilitate efficient, enhanced automation and productivity across a variety of industrial applications. Arduino PLCs are available in 19, 21, 38, 42, or 58 analog or digital I/O. They accept inputs from sensors and power and deliver outputs to actuators and HMIs based on computer programs using a modified C++ language.

Arduino PLCs offer simplified network connectivity through three communication protocols: Ethernet, ideal for LANs; multi-point RS-485, effective for long-distance communication in noisy environments; and point-to-point RS-232, commonly used for shorter distances.

In addition, L-com has introduced three new power supplies designed to convert AC to DC power for operating PLCs and other industrial automation devices. Options include a 30-watt supply with 12 VDC output, 120 watts with 24 VDC, or 220 watts with 24 VDC. Featuring universal power inputs, they accept 100-240 VAC for the 30-watt and 120-watt models and 200-240 VAC for the 240-watt model. Each supply incorporates overvoltage and overcurrent protection, along with an LED indicator, and is mountable on standard DIN rails for easy installation.

Notes Product Line Manager Tim Houghton, “L-com’s new Arduino PLCs and power supplies are cost-effective, as you can program them with open-source software. They’re also user-friendly, can accommodate future expansion with up to 58 ins and outs, and are versatile enough for many uses, from plant automation to traffic systems.”

Typical applications for open-source Arduino PLCs and power supplies include process control, transportation and traffic systems, food and beverage, and automation for industrial plants, agriculture, buildings and homes. For more information, please click here.

Source:  L-com

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