Zebra Technologies Unveils Industrial Scanner for AI and 3D Sensors, photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly

Zebra Technologies Unveils Industrial Scanner for AI and 3D Sensors

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Zebra Technologies Corporation has announced the global market introduction of its FS42 fixed industrial scanner and 3S Series 3D sensors. These innovations aim to enhance operational efficiencies within secure AI technology innovation and industrial automation applications.

Zebra Technologies Unveils Industrial Scanner for AI and 3D Sensors, a photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.
The new FS42 fixed industrial scanner from Zebra Technologies supports secure AI technology innovation and industrial automation applications.

The FS42 fixed industrial scanner, featuring Zebra Aurora Focus™ for quick set-up and deployment, incorporates a neural processing unit (NPU) for faster performance when running AI deep learning-based tools. The company plans to preview an AI deep learning-based anomaly detection tool on the FS42 at forthcoming industry events, showcasing its exceptional assembly verification and defect detection capabilities.

Thanks to its pixel application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), manufacturers and warehousing operators are anticipated to benefit from faster decoding times for select symbologies and significant performance enhancements for Zebra’s deep learning-based optical character recognition (DL-OCR) tool.

In addition to the FS42 fixed industrial scanner, the company’s 3S series of high-resolution, high-speed plug-and-play sensors incorporate a power over ethernet (PoE) connection. When used with Zebra’s Aurora Design Assistant™ or Aurora Vision Studio™, the sensors expedite the development of 3D vision applications online. Kits containing Zebra’s 4Sight Series EV7 vision controller will also be available for factory-floor multi-camera machine vision and deep-learning applications.

The 3S40 sensor supports new use cases with a large field of view for the inspection and dimensioning of larger, static objects. Meanwhile, the 3S80 sensor is ideal for accurate inspection and dimensioning of static or in-motion objects. The 3S80 provides high-quality 3D data, color information, and the ability to scan random movement in a picking application, thanks to its patented, parallel-structured light technology.

The 3S Series sensors can cover a range of use cases in manufacturing and logistics, including electric vehicle battery surface inspection, automotive parts inspection, 3D measurement of angles in post-assembly inspection, volume measurement, box dimensioning, and object sizing in logistics operations. In picking solutions, the 3S Series supports logistics palletizing and depalletizing, bin picking, and robotic picking for automotive assembly lines.

Zebra Technologies’ General Manager and Vice President of Machine Vision stated, “Customers and industry reports are clear on the challenges manufacturers and logistics operators face and the opportunities before them. Zebra provides the tools they need to optimize the frontline. Better 3D technology, deep learning, and NPUs are powerful tools businesses need to support quality production and processing, and Zebra’s hardware and software will help deliver the outcomes they want.”

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