Photo of SICK 2D Sensors Offering AI Quality Contol right out of the box. Photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly. The new Inspector83x for AI Machine Vision from SICK

SICK Introduces Inspector83x for AI Machine Vision

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SICK has introduced the global market introduction of its Inspector83x, a 2D vision sensor enabling out-of-the-box AI-supported machine vision inspections for common inline inspection tasks within demanding high-speed production environments.

Photo of SICK 2D Sensors Offering AI Quality Contol right out of the box. Photo appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly.
The new SICK Inspector83x 2D Vision Sensor.

Offering up to 5MP resolution and built-in illumination, the Inspector83x is powered by a quad-core CPU for fast AI inspection processing. It supports high-speed data transfer over industrial networks and can perform up to 15 inspections per second, making it ideal for defect detection, anomaly detection, or classification tasks.

Manufacturers can now perform machine vision inspections with ease and confidence, relying on the high-reliability results in applications such as consumer goods manufacturing, food and beverage, automotive, and packaging. The Inspector83x excels in evaluating products with unpredictable features, verifying complex assemblies, and reading and verifying OCR/OCV. Future product roll-outs in 2024 will include color imaging for the inspection of vivid features suitable for color sorting, defect detection, and quality assurance.

AI Machine Vision for Non-Specialists:

Pre-installed with the SICK Nova foundation software, the Inspector83x offers simplicity out of the box. Non-specialist users can configure inspections without the need for lengthy problem-solving or specialist expertise. The camera can be trained with as few as five examples, and combining the AI function with conventional rule-based tools allows for pragmatic configuration.

For more complex scenes, users have the option to access the computational power of the SICK dStudio cloud service to train their own neural network, which can then be exported to run on the Inspector83x.

High-Speed Data Transfer and Industrial Networking:

Image inference is carried out directly on the Inspector83x, with results outputted to the machine control. The device is optimized for rapid data transfer in industrial networks, with dual ports for EtherNet/IP™ or PROFINET integration. Additionally, a dedicated high-speed Gigabit Ethernet port allows for high-resolution image data transfer and data logging.

Design and Accessories:

The Inspector83x features seven inputs and five outputs, with precise calibration of camera image outputs based on time or encoder inputs. A range of accessories is available for installation, including ports for illumination and compatibility with third-party lenses for complex inspections.

For detailed specifications, pricing, or additional information about the Inspector83x or other products available from SICK, please click here.

Source/Photo Credit: SICK

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