A Hexagon CMM machine, Flexxbotics, appearing in an article on Industrial Automation Monthly

Flexxbotics Robot Machine Tending Now Compatible with Hexagon

Flexxbotics, Boston, Massachusetts-based experts in work cell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, have announced that their advanced connectivity for robotic machine tending with in-line inspection is now directly compatible with Hexagon’s full range of inspection equipment. By combining Flexxbotics’ solutions with Hexagon’s technology, companies can now achieve precision manufacturing quality with Six Sigma consistency, faster cycle […]

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New Comau S-Family of Small Industrial Robots, a photo appearing on Industrial Automation Monthly

Comau Debuts Small Element-Resistant Industrial Robot Series

The Turin, Italy headquartered Comau, 50-year industry experts in delivering advanced industrial automation products and systems, has announced the global market introduction of its new S-Family, a series of small, fast, and element-resistant “hollow wrist” 6-axis articulated industrial robots. The robots are expressly designed for applications where accuracy, repeatability, and speed are absolute requirements, such […]

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Universal Robots Announced SCRI Integration, photo appearing on Industrial Automation Monthly

Universal Robots Debuts SCRI Software Integration

Universal Robots (UR), the Danish collaborative robot (cobot) company, has announced that it has integrated the Standard Robot Command Interface (SRCI) into its software. This makes UR one of the first industry cobot vendors to offer this functionality. The SRCI is a new standard for robotics manufacturers, designed to establish a unified interface between PLCs and […]

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ABB Robotics Announces New Global AI Startup Challenge, a supporting photo appearing on Industrial Automation Monthly

ABB Robotics Announces New Global AI Startup Challenge

ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation has announced its 2024 Robotics AI Startup Challenge, a new global competition to accelerate AI development in robotics while fostering international innovation and further collaboration with startups and scale-ups. As a key part of ABB’s innovation ecosystem, this challenge follows the company’s June 2024 acquisition of Sevensense, a Swiss startup […]

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Industrial Automation Monthly.

SwRI Debuts Workbench Toolkit for Offline Robotics R&D

SwRI (Southwest Research Institute has recently introduced the SwRI Workbench for Offline Robotics Development™ (SWORD™), a new toolkit designed to simplify robotics programming by integrating computer-aided design (CAD) into robotics motion planning, modeling, and execution. Making its debut at this year’s Automate 2024,  SWORD features an intuitive graphical interface that makes the fundamental coding requirements […]

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Photo of new five new half-bridge industrial-grade IGBT power modules, housed within a newly redesigned INT-A-PAK package, and designed for reduced conduction and switching losses, appearing in an article in Electronics Industry Monthly.

Vishay Intros Next-Gen High-Efficiency IGBT Power Modules

The Malvern, Pennsylvania-headquartered Vishay Intertechnology (NYSE: VSH), a global designer and manufacturer of discrete semiconductors and passive electronic components, has introduced five new half-bridge industrial-grade IGBT power modules housed within a newly redesigned INT-A-PAK package and designed for reduced conduction and switching losses. With a design builds upon the foundation of Vishay’s own proprietary Trench […]

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ST New ToF Sensors support mobile robotics applications

New STMicroelectronics ToF Sensors Support Mobile Robotics

STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), whose innovative products support customers across a broad spectrum of sensing applications, has introduced an all-in-one, direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) 3D LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) module with market-leading 2.3k resolution. Even before its first commercial availability, the product was revealed as an early design win for the world’s smallest 500k-pixel indirect Time-of-Flight […]

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