Why Advertise with Us?


Industrial Automation Monthly stands at the forefront of advancing small business interests in the global industrial automation, robotics, IIoT, and machine vision sectors through our publication and its coverage.

Driven by a team of 25-year industry experts and nationally recognized small business advocates, Industrial Automation Monthly seeks to curate engaging new content from across the industry meticulously and continually bring it to our valued subscribers. We aim to empower manufacturers, sales representatives, distributors, consultants, and other experts to make more informed decisions by providing them with timely and relevant information and insights.

Through our work on the Industrial Automation Monthly platform, we aim to facilitate meaningful connections between OEMs, distributors, systems integrators, consultants, and the best and brightest businesses worldwide in industrial automation, robotics, IIoT, and machine vision. We encourage the cultivation of partnerships and the integration of small business set-asides within supply chains.

At Industrial Automation Monthly, we also understand the importance of affordability and effectiveness when it comes to small businesses and advertising decisions. We offer year-round, cost-effective, and innovative opportunities and programs. Whether through our website, e-newsletters, or e-marketplace leads generation portal, each opportunity has been thoughtfully developed to deliver maximum results for paid spend.

Available advertising options on Industrial Automation Monthly span from sitewide or category-specific banner advertisements to featured video sponsorships, sponsored links, and participation on our global leads generation platform. Whether your business wants to explore a one-time monthly banner advertisement or a longer-term annual program, we’re here to help you find the right program to fit your unique needs.

Cost-Effective Promotional Support

At Industrial Automation Monthly, we’re committed to empowering the brands of our advertisers and contributors by offering cost-effective promotional support to meet virtually every goal and budget.

We know that timing is everything when it comes to a new product or service launch. Our mission is, therefore, to eliminate the typical budgetary and in-house resource barriers that can otherwise hinder businesses from reaching their intended audiences in a timely and cost-effective manner. So, whether you’re a solo practitioner, startup, or small business, we offer tailored, budget-friendly advertising and promotional packages to help make your launches successful, on time and budget, with flexible terms.

We also appreciate that, in today’s marketplace, in-house resources are at a premium, often placing marketing initiatives on the back burner at the expense of generating new incoming leads. Does your business need timely expert content support but needs more in-house resources to produce it? Industrial Automation Monthly is here to bridge that gap, offering custom solutions designed to meet your marketing goals without straining your budget. Our seasoned experts efficiently develop content from technical reference materials or datasheets, saving your company time and resources while maximizing your impact.

We also appreciate the challenges that client in-house technical resource deficits can pose for advertising and PR agencies. Do you own or are you a part of an advertising or PR agency serving technical clients in the industrial automation, robotics, IIoT, and machine vision sectors? Have your clients needed to slow the timing of planned initiatives, citing a need for in-house expert resources to generate the necessary supporting content?

If so, we can help by offering technical content development services as a booked add-on alongside your client’s content submission. This allows your agency to be a valued facilitator of client technical content development objectives while maintaining your role as the point of contact and interface.

 100% Small Business Friendly 

Industrial Automation Monthly also prides itself on being a 100% small business-friendly publication. We provide a one-of-a-kind, fully dedicated industry platform for businesses of all sizes and structures, including small businesses.

Our publication seeks to level the playing field for all businesses serving the global industrial automation, robotics, IIoT, and machine vision sectors, whether sole proprietors, consultants, startups, or large multinational enterprises. Regardless of company size or their level of advertising commitment in our publications, we deliver value to all by covering the latest news, product, and service launches, as well as other industry insights in some way.

Whenever you book an advertising or paid news package with us or contribute editorial, you can trust that Industrial Automation Monthly values your business and contributions and is here to help you meet or exceed your promotional goals.

We also offer flexible payment terms, year-round special discounts, budget-friendly packages, and deferred invoicing for qualified businesses to help ensure that every advertising expenditure on Industrial Automation Monthly is impactful yet affordable.

Champions for Industry Inclusivity

Industrial Automation Monthly applauds the efforts of those in the industrial automation, robotics, IIoT  and machine vision who actively embrace inclusivity and demonstrate a continued commitment to supply chain diversity and the prioritization of small business set-asides.

As a 100% woman-owned and woman-led small business and niche trade publication, Industrial Automation Monthly seeks to lead by example in our tireless advocacy for greater industry inclusivity.

We strive to infuse diversity into every aspect of our publication, from our editorial focus and coverage to even our choices of exhibitions or events we sponsor or partner with. We aim to ignite fresh collaborations for these forward-thinking businesses through our publication and spotlight their invaluable contributions to a broader global audience.